Easily create photo products

It's so simple to order personal photo products directly from your Android smartphone or tablet. Anytime and anywhere.

The app for Android

The app for Android

Create photo greeting cards and much more easily with the ifolor app for Android.

Get creative on your couch or on the road! With the ifolor app you can design and create wall decorations, photo greeting cards and photo gifts comfortably and intuitively. Download the new app for your Android tablet or smartphone now!


Project management

You can see all your designed products under "My Projects".

Crop and rotate

Crop and rotate your photos to bring out the best in your shots!

Get creative!
Use different text styles and ready-made design templates to create unique products of your own photos.

Design these products:

Photo gifts


Compatible with Android 6.0 or newer.

End User Licence Agreement

Please read this End User Licence Agreement  (EULA) carefully before you use our software.